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Why Retailers Should Bet on AI

February 24, 2020

Via: Retail Info Systems News

Competition in the retail industry is stiff. As technology advances and consumer expectations skyrocket, retailers can no longer solely rely on products as their main competitive differentiator. They are now pressured to also deliver exceptional customer experiences, with little margin […]

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Shoppers have a love/hate relationship with self-checkouts

February 19, 2020

Via: RetailWire

Consumers are increasingly favoring self-checkout because of the perception that it can be faster than using a cashier. Frustrations, however, with the technology persist. A recent Wall Street Journal article — “Stores and Shoppers Agree: Self-Checkout Is Hard” — details […]

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How Retailers Can Utilize Existing Technology to Optimize In-Store Experiences

December 19, 2019

Via: Independent Retailer

It’s likely you’ve seen the not-so-subtle sign of the season that bridges the end of fall and the beginning of winter: shopping season. For shoppers, that means deals, deals, deals. But for retailers, it means a mad dash to attract […]

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Increasing Retail Sales with Data Analytics

November 26, 2019

Via: Independent Retailer

Retail data monetization is the process of using your company’s transaction and customer data to optimize the way you make and spend money. There are two different ways to monetize data: direct monetization and indirect monetization. Direct data monetization is […]

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Home Depot to hire 80K workers with proprietary hiring tech

March 11, 2019

Via: Retail Dive

The Home Depot joins several companies developing technology in-house to handle employment-related functions faster and more efficiently. Technology for these big-box retailers can streamline functions that were once time-consuming and burdensome for HR professionals and managers. This tech also frees […]

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Puma unveils a self-lacing shoe

February 1, 2019

Via: Retail Dive

The Puma announcement comes just a couple of weeks after Nike debuted its latest self-lacing shoe. While it is tempting to suggest that Puma’s Fi offering is a hastily-assembled reply to Nike’s announcement, it takes longer than two weeks to […]

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5 retail technology trends to watch in 2019

January 17, 2019

Via: Retail Dive

Retail technology is a long game and advancing innovations can be on the rise for a very long time. Look no further than Retail Dive’s list — published two years ago this month — of the top five technologies we […]

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Study: 73% of consumers want self-service technology

January 15, 2019

Via: Retail Dive

That shoppers may be starting to prefer self-service retail technologies is not surprising, as more retailers have begun to embrace smart, mobile and automated checkout systems. Consumers are getting more experience with such options, and they like what they see. […]

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Study: 57% of shoppers use retailer mobile apps in-store

January 8, 2019

Via: Retail Dive

The report based on this survey, titled “Surviving the Retail Apocalypse,” doesn’t offer any really mind-blowing numbers — nothing that wasn’t already known or suspected — but it does offer a pretty comprehensive picture of how shopper behaviors are changing, […]

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Walmart arms store associates with online shopping app

December 5, 2018

Via: Retail Dive

Over the last year, Walmart has taken several big steps to merge its online and in-store experiences with the rollout of services that let customers pay for items in store on mobile devices. In January, Walmart announced Scan & Go, […]