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Snapchat bets big on augmented reality’s e-commerce future

May 5, 2021

Via: Retail Dive

When Snapchat released its iconic lenses almost six years ago, teens watched as they appeared on screen rosy-cheeked and vomiting rainbows, their eyes doubled in size. The interactive lenses changed as they moved their faces. What was once a means […]

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Online is Crucial for Small Businesses

April 29, 2021

Via: Independent Retailer

Most shoppers keep their smartphones on them for immediate access to information. In fact, 76 percent of consumers look for a company’s online presence before visiting in-person, according to a new report from Visual Objects, a directory of design and […]


How the pandemic changed retail supply chains

April 26, 2021

Via: Retail Dive

It became clear early on in the pandemic that e-commerce would emerge as a rare bright spot from the crisis. With the general guidance being to stay home, consumers frequently chose one of two options when they needed something: consolidating […]

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Don’t make it free, don’t make it easy: How retailers can support sustainable returns

April 19, 2021

Via: Retail Dive

Returns may be primed for change. Returns have always played a part in retail operations, as companies strive to make them painless in the name of customer service. The pandemic has sped everything up, though, including e-commerce, which heavily contributed […]


Multi-channel retailers can achieve perfect supply chain goals

April 14, 2021

Via: Charged

Since the advent of e-commerce retailers have continued to adapt their supply chain strategies to meet the demands of selling in a wide range of environments. Product returns from impulse buys done directly on social media may be higher than […]

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Payments in 2021: What Lies Ahead After the Digital Boom

April 5, 2021

Via: Retail TouchPoints

It has been a year of momentous change for the payments industry. Previously, emerging trends have seen a massive acceleration as a result of the pandemic. Years of transformation transpired in just a few months with rapid shifts in both […]


Ever Given delays to cost traders £4.4bn seeing online retailers take the brunt

March 30, 2021

Via: Charged

The Ever Given’s blockage of the Suez Canal is set to cost traders a total of £4.35 billion as experts warn ecommerce retailers will feel the effects for months to come. The 400-metre-long container ship was successfully refloated yesterday after […]

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Global E-Commerce Market To Expand By $1 Trillion By 2025

March 25, 2021

Via: Forbes

The most important retail trend fueled by COVID-19 was the continued rise of e-commerce. This growth is likely to continue even as vaccine distribution provides hope for a return to normalcy. In fact, 74% of global retail and consumer brand […]

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Gamification, AR, And Giveaways: How China Is Upleveling The Live Commerce Experience

March 24, 2021

Via: Forbes

E-commerce live streaming in China is a massive industry. Coresight estimates that live commerce GMV in China will reach $305 billion this year, and research firm iResearch predicts that it will account for 15% of total e-commerce sales, up from […]

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Nordstrom debuts platform for shoppable shows as more retailers experiment with livestreaming

March 17, 2021


The department store chain Nordstrom said Wednesday it will debut its own Livestream Shopping channel, as part of its broader ambitions to delve into e-commerce livestreaming, which is already a huge phenomenon in Asia. Retailers such as Nordstrom are playing […]