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New “moving buttons” technology could allow 50 people to use self-checkout before it needs cleaning

February 22, 2021

Via: Charged

New “hygienic interface” technology could drastically increase the number of safe interactions customers can have with self-service checkouts before they need cleaning. Design agency Special Projects has developed an algorithm designed to significantly change the way customers interact with self-checkouts, […]

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3 Ways Robots Help Retailers Manage Today’s Volatile Climate

February 16, 2021

Via: Retail Info Systems News

It’s been a tough few years for retailers. Over 7,500 retail stores were expected to close in 2020, while dozens of large chain retailers have filed for bankruptcy in response to COVID-19. Consumer behavior has also shifted — people are […]

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Ebay sellers will soon be forced to link bank accounts as PayPal divorce continues

February 15, 2021

Via: Charged

Ebay sellers will soon be forced to link their bank accounts to their profiles in order to continue selling as it pushes ahead with its separation from PayPal. In February last year Ebay announced that it was ending its deeply […]

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Top 10 Technology Trends in Retail

February 10, 2021

Via: Retail TouchPoints

While technology has continued to have a dramatic impact on the retail industry, the spread of COVID-19 has created new technology trends and accelerated current tech best practices significantly. Between the need for more expansive ecommerce functions, low-contact or no-contact […]

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Amazon expands biometric palm scanning system allowing customers to pay with their hands

February 2, 2021

Via: Charged

Amazon is expanding the rollout of its biometric palm scanning system to more of its branded stores, allowing customers to pay with nothing but their hands. Amazon One was launched in September last year at two Amazon Go convenience stores […]

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170 online retailers in breach of consumer law over returns policies

February 1, 2021

Via: Charged

Nearly 200 online retailers offering payment via “buy now, pay later” (BNPL) schemes have been found to be in breach of UK consumer law. Which? has found 170 retailers, promoted by the UK’s largest BNPL companies, with potentially illegal returns […]

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Walmart turns to automated picking robots to meet 80% rise in online orders

January 27, 2021

Via: Charged

Walmart is launching dozens of high-tech warehouses staffed entirely by robots to help it meet the staggering increase in demand for online orders. The automated robots will be used to pick frozen and refrigerated food in small local warehouses across […]

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Google launches a host of new AI-powered product discovery features for retailers

January 25, 2021

Via: Charged

Google Cloud has launched a host of new AI-powered ‘Product Discovery Solutions’ for retailers to help them provide “smarter and more personalized shopping experiences”. The technology giant has launched three new solutions using its cutting-edge machine learning-based technologies, aiming to […]

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What’s next for data privacy?

January 21, 2021

Via: RetailWire

At a CES 2021 session featuring privacy experts from, Google and Twitter, panelists agreed that, while data transparency is critical, a “patchwork” of privacy rules across areas may increasingly undermine the benefits of the internet. “We learned [in 2020] […]

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Virtual shopping is set to be the next major trend in retail

January 5, 2021

Via: Charged

As anyone who has ever dared to monitor their screen time will know, the average UK adult now spends an average of 3 hours and 23 minutes on their phone every day, equating to roughly 50 days every year. As […]