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Walmart, Amazon, Meta Showcase Support for SMBs with New Data, Services

May 2, 2023

Via: Retail TouchPoints

As National Small Business Month kicks off, some of the biggest names in U.S. commerce — including Walmart, Amazon and Meta — are touting how they support SMBs and introducing new tools and services to help them survive and thrive. […]

Customer Experience, Loyalty Programs

How Small Brands Can Help Retailers Build Loyalty in a Time of Uncertainty

September 2, 2022

Via: Retail TouchPoints

Retailers looking to attract and retain price-conscious shoppers during the current bout of inflation may want to consider stocking more small- and medium-sized brands. Competing on price presents several challenges to margins, but offering smaller and newer products can help […]

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Clearpay makes flexible payments available for SMBs

May 31, 2022

Via: Charged

Clearpay (which is referred to Afterpay outside the EU) has announced it is making its in-store payment functionality available to small and medium sized businesses (SMBs) across the UK’s high streets. By offering instalment payments in store, Clearpay is supporting […]

Editorial, Stores

How do SMBs prepare for the demand of in-store tech?

November 14, 2017

Via: Olivia Foster

An InReality store-analytics and customer experience report shows that by 2016 the customers have been transformed by their online shopping experiences to such a degree that they demand similar brick-and-mortar store directions, as they would receive in a digital environment.This […]

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Retailers vs. Bots: The New Fraud Battle

January 20, 2017

Via: The Retail TouchPoints Blog

The e-Commerce industry is battling a huge wave of card-not-present fraud, and small businesses are particularly at risk. In Q2 2016, more than 450 million botnet fraud attempts were made against e-Commerce merchants worldwide, seeking out vulnerable places to steal […]

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Content for SMBs – how to scale and adapt

September 20, 2016

Via: Olivia Foster

Tailoring content for SMBs has its own particularities, in terms of planning, strategy, size and delivery methods. Regardless whether the digital marketing team is on-premises or if the company hires the services of an independent marketer, an initial plan should […]