image credit: Pexels

How AI is Ushering in the Future of Interactive Commerce

March 7, 2024


Quiet luxury, coastal grandmother, and cottagecore are just a few fashion trends that have emerged from the TikTok era. If you’re like me, you wouldn’t even know where to begin finding an outfit to fit some of these. Is there a coastal grandfather option? Should I resign myself to the annals of the formerly presentable?

In truth, Gen Z’s are pushing the boundaries of more than just fashion, influencing digital commerce as we know it. Amidst shifting expectations, what’s become abundantly clear is that a context-specific and emotionally engaging approach to consumer engagement will win the day with all generations — from the zoomers to the boomers and beyond. And while it may sound contradictory, artificial intelligence can actually be the silver bullet to enabling more natural engagement.

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