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Will Sensory-Friendly Saturdays Make Retail More Accessible?

July 21, 2023

Via: RetailWire

Saturdays in July and August, most Walmart stores across the nation are providing sensory-friendly hours between 8 and 10 a.m. Some areas have already started implementing this “quiet” time, but in locations where school starts after Labor Day, July 22 […]

Customer Engagement, Customer Experience

4 stand-out examples of inclusive retail tech

January 20, 2023

Via: Charged

In today’s crowded ecommerce landscape, retailers are striving to set themselves apart in any way they can – and being as inclusive as possible is a crucial part of that, with disabled consumers accounting for around £274 billion of retail […]

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Retailers are losing sight of the bigger picture

May 16, 2016

Via: Essential Retail News

Currently, there are nearly two million people in the UK living with sight loss – equating to around one person in 30. By 2050, this is estimated to almost double. These figures have led to many businesses, including the likes […]