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The Power of Post-Purchase in Building Customer Loyalty

September 5, 2023

Post-purchase experience. An often forgotten part of the shopping journey and ripe for building loyalty and customer lifetime value. Why do retailers frequently leave this critical phase out?

  • It’s easy to skip over. The customer has already paid for their products or services, and retailers may assume they are happy with what they’ve bought. It’s easy to move on to the next purchase.
  • It’s complicated. To do it right, the post-purchase experience requires personalization, proper timing, and authenticity in communication.
  • It’s difficult to quantify the value. At this point in the journey, retailers are speaking to customers at an individual level. Sometimes there may not be an immediate impact, but it might lead to additional store trips in the future, an increase in spend, and improved customer lifetime value. This means financial impact can be difficult to quantify.

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