image credit: kenshinstock / Freepik

NRF Big Show: Where Will AI Be Most Transformative for Retail?

January 19, 2024


At a session at the NRF 2024: Retail’s Big Show, Amy Eschliman, managing director of retail at Google Cloud, predicted that generative AI (GenAI) could be as disruptive as the arrival of the internet or mobile phones.

“These massive transformations are nothing new to retail — the internet is a great example, it changed the way we shop; mobile phones, same thing,” she said. “Now it’s generative AI, which has the capability of transforming everything from the customer experience to the associate experience. It’s got tremendous potential, and it’s a really exciting time for retail because of this technology. It’s about the ability to synthesize and analyze information that we did not have before. The possibilities are really endless.”

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