94% of retail execs expect as many — or more — bankruptcies in 2018

March 13, 2018

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There could be no end in sight for what has colloquially (if somewhat dramatically) been dubbed the “retail apocalypse.” In the report, BDO counted more than 2,300 stores slated for closure in the second half of 2017. (That figure included […]

Hiring Top Talent in Today’s Retail Environment

March 6, 2018

Category: Retail Trends

For independent retailers, providing an exceptional in-store experience is everything. In order to provide an exceptional experience, you also need exceptional employees. Kevin Walker, senior director for field marketing at, highlights the biggest challenges retailers face when hiring new […]

10 ways to get customers coming back

February 23, 2018

Remember the good old days when customers walked into your store, selected an item off the shelf, and that’s was it. Thanks to the internet, technology, and social media, those days are long gone, and they aren’t coming back. Operating […]

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Retail defaults to peak in March, Moody’s says

March 14, 2018

Via: Retail Dive

O’Shea and his team pointed out that there are several factors boding well for retail, including a healthy economy and a tax bill that gave a boost to many retailer’s bottom lines. “[W]e believe conditions for retail are improving,” the […]

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Shopping is going mobile, in-store and out

March 13, 2018

Via: Retail Dive

The evidence that consumers are shopping via mobile and using their mobile phones in-store has been piling up for a while now. It may also hint that retailers are not doing as much as they can to effectively connect with […]

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It’s The Business Model Itself That’s Changing: Top Retail Trends

March 12, 2018

Via: The Retail TouchPoints Blog

It is no secret that retailers are facing headwinds due to increasing online competition and shifting consumer preferences, among other factors. In response, they are growing their offerings, from implementing new technologies like augmented and virtual reality (AR and VR) […]