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Retail Trends

2017 Retail Trends from A – Z

November 30, 2017

Via: Independent Retailer

2017 was an exciting year for retail. Evolving technology, changing consumer preferences, and political shakeups all had a large impact on our industry. Here is Independent Retailer’s roundup of top trends, influencers, buzzwords, and developments that affected retail in 2017. […]

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Building A Better Buying Experience To Reduce The Risk Of Return

November 29, 2017

Via: Retail Minded

In today’s world of ‘trends’ and ‘It Style’, consumers are constantly looking for the latest and greatest in apparel. Unfortunately for retailers, this also means that consumers are returning more purchases than ever before. In fact, 23% of all clothing […]

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Payment Strategies to Prepare for a Holiday Sales Spike

November 17, 2017

Via: Independent Retailer

The holiday season is fast approaching, and with it, an influx of shoppers. Last year, Americans spent $91.7 billion online between November 1st and December 31st, and this year, online sales are set to exceed in-store sales for the first […]

Retail Trends

Retail as We Know it is Changing

November 16, 2017

Via: Independent Retailer

Ecommerce is growing at 10 times the rate of brick and mortar retail. Store closures dominated the headlines earlier this year: Macy’s®, J.C. Penney®, Payless®, and Toys “R” Us® to name a few. Is this the end of retail? Or […]

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8 Must Have Resources For Your Retail Store

November 15, 2017

Via: Independent Retailer

Advances in technology have paved the way for highly sophisticated front-end solutions designed to streamline tasks for retail store management. If you’re a retail store owner, it’s in your best interest to implement smart solutions to help simplify processes and […]

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Delivering connected payments

November 14, 2017

Via: The Retail Blogger

Delivering the promise of connected payments Insights from Kevin Freeguard, Vice President and Managing Director, Verifone UK & Ireland Digital desire is reshaping both online and physical checkouts. Connected commerce has moved beyond the ‘aspirational’ to become a prerequisite for […]

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Target’s Holiday Plan: Fewer Sales, More Focus On Everyday Low Prices

October 23, 2017

Via: Consumerist

From “doorbusters” to “advance deals” to hourly specials all through Black Friday weekend (not to mention Cyber Monday), the holiday shopping season is a continuous barrage of retail promotions varying in quality and value. In an attempt to rein things […]

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3 Ways to Help Gift Stores Strengthen Their Merchandising

October 17, 2017

Via: Retail Minded

When it comes to brick and mortar stores, nothing is more powerful than the visual appeal your store can offer. From the curb appeal of your storefront to what customers see when they first walk into your retail space, there […]

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Benefits of Digital Signage in Retail

September 27, 2017

Via: Independent Retailer

Digital signage has become the future of retail signage. Big name brands everywhere have begun using digital signage in stores nationwide to display information such as promotional material, product pricing and videos. But for the dozens of uses digital signage […]

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Abercrombie Hopes Updated Stores, Fancy Fitting Rooms Will Bring Customers Back

August 28, 2017

Via: Consumerist

Would better lighting and a place to charge your cellphone make you want to spend more time and money at the mall? Abercrombie & Fitch hopes so. The mall staple recently rolled out a new fitting room suite, as it […]