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Postmates raises last-mile stakes by adding 100 more cities

July 12, 2018

Via: Retail Dive

This huge expansion makes Postmates delivery services available to almost half of the U.S. population — a big step in its efforts to scale. The company says it makes millions of deliveries a month and generates over $1 billion in […]


Preparing the Supply Chain for Digital Transformation

June 28, 2018

Via: SCMR Editorial

Supply chain management has improved leaps and bounds in the past two decades thanks to advancements in logistics, infrastructure, communications and IT. Key industries have proven adaptable and resilient through times of economic uncertainty, but they are now faced with […]


Amazon’s Latest Fulfillment Innovation Makes Home Delivery Simpler

June 25, 2018

Via: Retail Info Systems News

Amazon continues to push the fulfillment envelope with the release of Hub by Amazon, a delivery solution for apartments that brings convenience and consistency to the delivery experience. Over 500,000 residents — from New York City to San Francisco — […]


Did suppliers, not Amazon, create the retail apocalypse?

June 7, 2018

Via: Retail Dive

Toys R Us isn’t the only large retailer whose demise has been partly blamed on e-commerce and Amazon. But what if it’s not Amazon but suppliers striking out on their own who are putting some brick-and-mortar retailers out of business […]

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Target expands same-day delivery across the Midwest

May 31, 2018

Via: Retail Dive

In just six months, Target has acquired a same-day delivery darling and scaled the service to 91 markets. And it’s on track to offer the service nationwide by the holidays, a company spokesperson told Retail Dive. That’s no small feat […]

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Amazon puts live mobile tracking feature on the map

May 25, 2018

Via: Retail Dive

Amazon has come up with a lot of different ideas for making package delivery a more convenient and painless process for customers. It already provides fairly accurate delivery windows and tells you when it can guarantee a package will be […]


Data science comes to the supply chain

May 23, 2018

Via: SCMR Editorial

Although supply chain management has been slow to the game, advances in data science are now quickly changing the way supply chains are managed. With free and powerful tools like Python and R now routinely being used to solve some […]


Walmart’s Uber and Lyft partnerships end

May 9, 2018

Via: Retail Dive

Delivery through Uber and Lyft seemed promising to Walmart and its investors because of the large footprint both ride-share companies have, and because adding grocery trips seemed like a natural fit. The retailer could quickly scale up in target markets […]

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Retailers Say Tariffs Will ‘Punish Ordinary Americans for China’s Violations’

March 22, 2018

Via: Business Wire

WASHINGTON–(BUSINESS WIRE)–The National Retail Federation today issued the following statement from President and CEO Matthew Shay on the administration’s plans to impose broad tariffs on consumer products from China: “Holding China accountable for refusing to follow global trading rules is […]


Global Supply Chains Depend on People

March 9, 2018

Via: SCMR Editorial

Many alarmists are ringing the bell on President Trump’s recent announcement on Trade Wars. Some speculate that it will severely hurt our economy and therefore our supply chain and some think it won’t. It’s time to face the truth – […]