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Just 16% of shoppers feel confident in managing data privacy and security

January 31, 2023

Via: Charged

Just 16% of UK consumers feel completely confident in managing their data privacy and security online according to a new report from smart home security company Ring. The research reveals that 24% of UK adults had their email hacked, password […]

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Data Privacy and Ad Tracking: The Real-World Implications for Businesses

October 25, 2022

Via: Retail TouchPoints

The world has gone digital, and as a result, global concern regarding data privacy has skyrocketed. Consumer-facing media platforms have historically profited from ad revenue, the success of which has been fueled by the insights derived from accessing and analyzing […]

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Ecommerce Personalization in the Age of Consumer Data Privacy

August 16, 2022

Via: Retail TouchPoints

Optimized personalization is a necessary tenet of any ecommerce brand that aims to stand out. The importance of winning loyal customers depends on one-to-one customer personalization and engagement based on customers’ behavior and intent. As the benefits of personalization become […]

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Data Privacy Concerns Usher in New Era of Hyper-Personalization

April 14, 2022

Via: Retail TouchPoints

Privacy has always been a hot topic, but recently temperatures have been rising. From the Facebook Files to Netflix’s documentary The Social Dilemma, we now understand more than ever how social networks and search engines utilize our data not only […]

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The California Consumer Privacy Act: What Does it Mean for Merchants?

December 4, 2019

Via: Lightspeed POS

On January 1, 2020, the California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA) will come into effect. In this article, we’re going to give you a crash course on what the CCPA is, what it means for your business and what you have […]

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Online Fraud: Should You Be Worried?

May 16, 2019

Via: Independent Retailer

We live in a very digitally-conscious age where anyone can do virtually anything with a smartphone. Consumers can make a bill payment, purchase products online, and store their credit card information in their phones so there’s no need to carry […]

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Retailers’ murky data collection practices tarnish personalization efforts

January 14, 2019

Via: Retail Dive

NEW YORK — For decades, store associates were the only tool retailers offered to personalize the shopping experience. Now, artificial intelligence and data analytics could replace a core retail service. The shopping experience weaves across outlets including online, in-store or […]

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Whole Foods Investigating Credit Card Breach At Some Stores

September 29, 2017

Via: Consumerist

Have you eaten at or enjoyed an adult beverage at Whole Foods this year? If you paid with a credit card, your information might have been leaked. Whole Foods is investigating a possible credit card breach at some of its […]

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96% of consumers worried about privacy

September 15, 2017

Via: FierceRetail

It seems even the launch of Apple’s new facial recognition in the iPhone X hasn’t calmed the fears of consumers, as a new data privacy study reveals that 96% of shoppers express being “somewhat” or “extremely” concerned about data collection […]

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Arby’s Admits Malware Infection And Credit Card Breach At Hundreds Of Restaurants

February 10, 2017

Via: Consumerist

The last time you satisfied your craving for seasoned curly fries at Arby’s, did you use a credit or debit card? It’s time to start watching your statements for fraudulent transactions and also to watch your mailbox for a new […]

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Article: US Adults Are Wary of Free Public Wi-Fi

August 18, 2016


Most US adults are wary about using free Wi-Fi when it’s offered at public places such as bookstores, coffee shops and hotels—primarily because of privacy concerns. Nearly half of respondents surveyed in AARP’s July 2016 said they believed that free […]