image: shopsquareone

Study: H&M, Topshop and Forever 21 dominate fast-fashion social engagement

In a new report released today, ShareIQ tracks how fast-fashion brands shared visual content on social media and how successful those brands were in driving engagement, finding that H&M, Topshop/Topman and Forever 21 led the pack in engagements per image (EPI) by a wide margin, according to a press release and copy of the report, “Fashion’s Fast and Slow Social Movers,” made available to Marketing Dive.

Highlights from the report include that H&M had about 20x the content performance of the lowest-performing brands such as Mango, Gap and American Apparel by EPI and that it achieved 39 million Instagram engagements from only 486 posts. Forever21 had 53 million Instagram engagements from 1017 posts, Zara received only 1.9 million engagements from 1700 images.

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