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Not Just Data: Why General Mills Launched Its First Consumer Loyalty Program

July 25, 2022

Via: RIS News

In launching its first consumer loyalty program, General Mills will not only build up its first-party data library, but the company also sees a path for it to mutually benefit its storied Box Tops for Education program. General Mills is […]

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Lawsuits Claim “100% Natural” Label On Nature Valley Granola Bars Is Deceptive

August 26, 2016

Via: Consumerist

What exactly constitutes a “100% natural” food is a matter of much debate, but four new lawsuits argue that granola shouldn’t claim to be 100% natural because if contain small amounts of a common pesticide. The quartet of lawsuits include […]


General Mills Recalls Flour Possibly Linked To E. coli Illnesses

June 1, 2016

Via: Consumerist

While you might associate infection with E. coli bacteria with meat and sometimes fresh vegetables, the bacteria can turn up in some unexpected places. Like flour. Yes, investigators checking out a multi-state E. coli outbreak have potentially linked it to […]

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General Mills Will Label GMO Products; Calls For National Labeling Standard

March 21, 2016

Via: Consumerist

Earlier this week, the Senate narrowly shot down a piece of legislation that would have created a voluntary national standard for labeling food products containing genetically modified ingredients while also overturning any state laws mandating GMO labels. With that bill […]