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Apple Now Selling Refurbished iPhones Online

November 9, 2016

Via: Consumerist

Before today, you could purchase a refurbished iPad or Mac — but not an iPhone — online from Apple. That’s changing as the tech company is now offering customers the chance to purchase refurbished iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus […]

E-payment & Data Security, Tech

Seven signs of online fraud

March 11, 2016

Via: Chain Store Age

Everyone knows detecting fraudulent e-commerce activity is crucial, but how do you know when something is up? Fraud detection provider Simility aggregated patterns across 500,000 browser-based devices throughout January 2016. Analysts looked for patterns in the 10,000 (or 2%) of […]

E-payment & Data Security, Tech

The new face of mobile payment

February 26, 2016

Via: Retailing Today

An emerging consumer demographic is showing strong support for an emerging trend in transactions. A new GfK study of 1,000 U.S. consumers shows that Generation Z (ages 18 to 24) is twice as likely to make a mobile payment as […]

News & Trends

Smarter Stores: How the “Internet of Things” Will Reinvent Retail

December 17, 2015

Via: The Retail Blogger

Technology doesn’t wait for retailers to catch up. Consumers embrace new technology and aren’t impressed by retailers who don’t. This year, smart retailers are creating ‘smarter’ stores with the Internet of Things (IoT) reinventing the way they think about retail. […]