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The Future of Retail is Multilingual

April 1, 2024

Via: Retail TouchPoints

Imagine stepping into a store where no one speaks your language. You’d likely feel frustration, confusion and, ultimately, disappointment. This same barrier can exist for online shoppers navigating ecommerce sites in languages they don’t understand. Recent estimates forecast that nearly […]

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The Personalization Imperative: Creating Exceptional Experiences for the Modern Consumer

September 29, 2023

Via: RIS News

Personalization is no longer a perk for shoppers – it’s an expectation. Along with this expectation comes the assumption from shoppers that retailers and brands hold a lot of their data. While some are still squeamish about this fact, studies […]

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The New Digital Dilemma: How to Elevate Customer Relationships in an Increasingly Commoditized Marketplace

February 14, 2023

Via: Retail TouchPoints

Consumer-facing brands have spent hundreds of millions of dollars over the past few decades creating unique customer experiences in their physical brick-and-mortar locations. Whether it’s retail bank branches that look more like cafés, Main Street wealth management and insurance agency […]

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How NFT Gamification Can Impact Customer Experiences in the Retail Industry in 2023

January 11, 2023

Via: RIS News

Non-fungible tokens (NFTs) are providing more value and utility than as simple collectibles, and the retail industry is taking notice. Retailers are using NFTs and gamification to reach digital natives, build a loyal customer base, and impact the customer experience […]

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How These Retailers Came Out on Top in 2022

November 16, 2022

Via: Independent Retailer

This year, Drizly continued their annual Top Shelf Retailer Awards program to celebrate 100 retailers and brands who go above and beyond in 10 unique categories to create moment-making customer experiences. Award winners are based on customer store ratings, reviews, […]

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The Bellevue Collection Perfecting Personalized Customer Experiences

May 31, 2022

Via: Independent Retailer

Every single business out there had to make changes to their model when the pandemic striked. Whether it was putting more focus into their ecommerce websites, offering different contactless payment and delivery options, or increasing their presence on social media, […]

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Why Retailers Should Bet on AI

February 24, 2020

Via: Retail Info Systems News

Competition in the retail industry is stiff. As technology advances and consumer expectations skyrocket, retailers can no longer solely rely on products as their main competitive differentiator. They are now pressured to also deliver exceptional customer experiences, with little margin […]

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2020 Retail Predictions

December 24, 2019

Via: Independent Retailer

New year, new business plans, new customers, new products… new you! A brand new year brings on so many exciting changes that can have a big impact on your business, and Independent Retailer is here to make sure those changes […]

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The Evolution of Customer Loyalty

April 16, 2019

Via: Independent Retailer

Even though it’s been proven that more customers prefer to shop in store than online, it can still be a dizzying process trying to market to them and keep them loyal. You might even stop trying to bring old customers […]

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4 things customers hate about service – and how you can be better

October 15, 2018

Via: Customer Experience News & Trends

You work hard to deliver great customer experiences. Yet, most customers say service is getting worse. Here’s what they hate most – and how you can do better. A full 55% of customers in an Empathica Inc. study said they […]

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Macy’s buys Story pop-up concept

May 2, 2018

Via: Retail Dive

In buying Story, Macy’s isn’t just buying an interesting retail concept — it’s also acquiring an executive who can help propel its store experience initiatives, similarly to how Walmart bought an e-commerce innovator in Marc Lore through its acquisition of […]

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Survey: Retailers see big benefit in individualized customer experiences

April 6, 2016

Via: Chain Store Age

Retailers estimate they could earn an extra 10% in revenue — which translates into $100 million annually for a $1 billon company — by offering customers and employees a highly individualized experience. That’s one of the key retail takeaways of […]