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Inflation the latest challenge for malls

July 7, 2022

Via: Retail Dive

The mall’s dependence on the automobile — a mid-20th century symbol of freedom and suburban utopia — is a source of trouble when fuel prices spike. The footfall decline at outlet malls in particular is illustrative of how discouraging high […]

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2 Years Post-Pandemic, the Grocery Industry Remains in Flux

July 1, 2022

Via: RIS News

Though supermarket shelves are no longer bare like they were during the height of the pandemic, the grocery industry hasn’t fully stabilized, and some changes could be here to stay. As we move from pandemic to endemic, the nation’s grocers […]


Will a gas tax holiday drive retail in the right direction?

June 29, 2022

Via: RetailWire

President Joe Biden is proposing a moratorium on the federal gas tax in hopes of saving cash strapped consumers from having to pay so much at the pump. The three month tax holiday President Biden proposed to Congress would allow […]

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5 Retail Trends Nobody Is Talking About

January 29, 2021

Via: Forbes

With the new administration taking over and so many changes coming both organically and through executive action, things are changing fast. It’s hard to keep a bead on it all. And it’s easy to overlook some maybe obvious, maybe not-so-obvious […]