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Dunkin’ Donuts Planning To Sell Bottled Coffee Drinks Starting Next Year

September 30, 2016

Via: Consumerist

Joining Starbucks bottled beverages on store shelves next year will be Dunkin’ Donuts, which says it’s teaming up with Coca-Cola to launch ready-to drink iced coffee products. Dunkin’ apparently timed the news to National Coffee Day, announcing that Coca-Cola will […]

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Dunkin’ Donuts to open 17 new stores in Atlanta

August 5, 2016

Via: Retailing Today

Three current franchisee groups will introduce a total of 17 new Dunkin’ Donuts shops to the Atlanta area following deals signed with Dunkin’ Brands. Four of the units will be co-branded with Baskin-Robbins. Read More on Retailing Today

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Be On The Lookout For Cheaper Packaged Coffee Prices In The Near Future

May 25, 2016

Via: Consumerist

If you’re cruising for a pick-me-up in store aisles soon, you might notice that certain brands are a bit cheaper than before: because the price of coffee beans has fallen lately, the parent company of Folgers and Dunkin’ Donuts brand […]

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Dunkin’ Donuts delivers the goods to Boston customers

May 2, 2016

Via: Chain Store Age

Bostonians are notorious for their love of locally based coffee chain Dunkin’ Donuts, and now the retailer is making it easier for them to get their daily fix. According to the Boston Herald, Dunkin’ Donuts is expanding a pilot of […]