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Alibaba’s stock hits all-time low as China continues relentless big-tech crackdown

August 19, 2021

Via: Charged

Alibaba’s shares have hit all-time lows on the Hong Kong stock exchange as the Chinese government continues its relentless crack down on tech giants. Shares in the ecommerce giant fell 11 per cent from 184HKD on Friday to 162HKD this […]

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China considering allowing more cotton imports after western boycott

June 25, 2021

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The Chinese government is considering allowing more cotton imports than usual this year following the decision by major US brands to avoid using cotton from the controversial Uighur region of Western China. China are thought to possibly issue another batch […]

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Alibaba fined £57,000 for failing to provide paperwork in latest government crackdown

December 14, 2020

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Alibaba has once again fallen foul of the Chinese government and has been fined 500,000 yuan (£57,000) for failing to submit relevant paperwork during an acquisition deal. In the government’s latest bid to curb the dominance of Chinese tech giants, […]

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Alibaba shares dive 8% after Chinese government blocks record breaking $37bn IPO

November 4, 2020

Via: Charged

Alibaba’s shares have divebombed more than eight per cent overnight after China blocked the largest initial public offering (IPO) in history from taking place. Ant Group, the Chinese fintech company founded by Alibaba’s Jack Ma and 33 per cent owned […]