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How Does a POS System Work?

October 12, 2022

Via: Lightspeed POS

Retail stores come in all shapes and sizes, but if there’s one thing every shop needs, it’s a solid point of sale (POS) system. The POS plays a key role in any store’s day-to-day operations, as it drives the entire […]

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Delivering Unparalleled Retail Solutions

April 28, 2022

Via: Independent Retailer

Technology plays a huge role in successfully running a business. Especially in today’s world where customer data is essential in order to personalize the shopping experience, retailers need a reliable technology partner in order to help them compete among the […]

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22 Online Ordering Statistics Every Restaurateur Should Know in 2022

February 16, 2022

Via: Lightspeed POS

You’ve heard it before and you’ll hear it again: the popularity of online ordering is on a meteoric rise. From giants like Amazon to small startups, direct-to-consumer delivery and pickup options have swept the country and restaurants are no exception. […]

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Top POS System for Independent Retailers

January 13, 2022

Via: Independent Retailer

Independent retailers are always looking for ways to compete with big box brands, and Real Time POS Inc makes it easy to do just that. Their point-of-sale solution works for any small business, whether you have one location or multiple […]

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Amazon set to launch its own POS system as it takes aim at Shopify

September 10, 2021

Via: Charged

Amazon is set to its very own point-of-sale (POS) system as it takes aim at rival Shopify’s small business customers. According to a new report from Business Insider, the retail giant has created an internal task force to develop the […]

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As Contactless Payment Use Grows, Here’s What Consumers Need To Know About Fraud Prevention

June 8, 2020

Via: Retail TouchPoints

Touch-free “contactless” payments in stores and at vending machines are gaining popularity with U.S. shoppers and retailers during the pandemic, because the coronavirus can stay viable on many surfaces for hours or even days. Waving an NFC-enabled card or smartphone […]

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Point of Sale Marketing: The Power Behind Impulse Purchases

September 5, 2019

Via: Lightspeed POS

If you’re working in retail marketing, it’s very easy to get swept up in a sea of omnichannel beacons, experiential stores and the proliferation of the Internet of Things (IoT) in stores like Amazon Go. While the future is exciting, […]

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Not your father’s POS: What 2019 will bring to payments and mobility

September 27, 2018

Via: Retail Dive

At its core, today’s POS devices still function very much like the cash registers of days gone by. They facilitate and record transactions, provide the customer with a receipt and give the retailer a record of items sold. The move […]

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8 Must Have Resources For Your Retail Store

November 15, 2017

Via: Independent Retailer

Advances in technology have paved the way for highly sophisticated front-end solutions designed to streamline tasks for retail store management. If you’re a retail store owner, it’s in your best interest to implement smart solutions to help simplify processes and […]

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5 Ways Cloud Technology is Positively Impacting Retail

July 26, 2017

Via: Retail Minded

You may already be acclimated to — or at least familiar with — using the cloud for business or personal use, particularly its ability to seamlessly store files and access project collateral from any location. As cloud-based technology becomes more […]

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Forever 21 Revamps POS Across the Chain

June 29, 2017

Via: Retail Info Systems News

Forever 21 is revamping both its front-end and back-end systems, unifying its POS solution across the chain as well as its peripherals and store technology. The fashion retailer announced that is has selected Toshiba Global Commerce Solutions to provide the […]

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What Data Is Captured By POS Software? Can It Be Used To Improve Business?

May 16, 2017

Via: Retail Minded

Point of sale (POS) software is basically the software used by brick and mortar shops when conducting sales. It may be connected to the cash register or installed in a computer or tablet to take the place of a cash […]

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6 Key Features All Good Retail Points of Sale Must Have

May 4, 2017

Via: Retail Minded

A good point-of-sale (POS) system is essential when you run a retail business. But what makes a POS system good when you are a retailer? At its most basic, a POS allows you to accept payments (including chip cards and […]

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Eleven Of The Best Free Apps For Retailers

March 24, 2017

Via: Retail Minded

Smart retailers have smart business apps in their arsenals. Here are eleven fantastic tools for retail businesses, all of which have free trials (or are free altogether). Hootsuite Staying on top of social media can make your head spin. Hootsuite […]

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How Retailers Can Cash In On New Commerce

March 15, 2017

Via: Retail Minded

Cash and coins may not yet be a thing of the past, but if the big names in commerce have their way they’re sure on the path to obsolescence. The past year has seen a massive leap towards a cashless […]

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The Range rolls out new POS

February 6, 2017

Via: Essential Retail News

The Range has rolled out a new point of sale (POS) solution across its 140 stores in the UK and Ireland. The value retailer partnered with PCMS to replace its legacy in-store system. The new POS devices improve speed and […]

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3 more questions to ask when buying a POS!

January 26, 2017

Via: Lightspeed POS

Looking for a new POS can be a stressful experience for any business owner. You research online, speak to other store owners, look up reviews, call companies, all while comparing and contrasting the information you find. We recently gave you […]

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84% of retailers to use mobile POS within 3 years

January 17, 2017

Via: FierceRetail

As many as 84% of retailers are planning to use mobile POS within three years, according to a new report from Boston Retail Partners (BRP). Having a constant and almost unlimited array of information through mobile devices has forever changed […]

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3 Resources to Help You Navigate the Upcoming EMV Deadline

January 4, 2017

Via: Retail Minded

With so much attention surrounding the upcoming EMV deadline, it’s important to know the facts – as well as who to lean on and where to turn when you need some information. There are countless resources out there to help […]

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Driving The Store Further Into The Phone With Apple Pay

October 14, 2016

Via: The Retail TouchPoints Blog

If I told you I stopped off at Starbucks for a latté and took an Uber back to the office, you probably would not be that impressed. It is a normal thing to do these days. Nothing to write home […]