What’s in store for retail technology in 2018?

What’s in store for retail technology in 2018?

January 8, 2018

Retail has changed a lot over the past decade, in no small part due to the embracing of technology to give retailers a competitive edge over rivals. The in-store experience of today is markedly different to a decade ago.

Even in the last year, there have been some interesting retail technologies emerging onto the scene. 2017 was the real breakthrough year for consumers to begin paying via mobile, according to Guillaume Pousaz, founder & CEO,

“That includes payments made via services such as Apple or Android Pay as well as mobile wallets. We also saw uptake in users buying via messaging apps, and this in particular will become more mainstream in 2018, especially with the explosion of chatbots for business platforms and Voice APIs such as the Alexa Voice Service (AVS) from Amazon, capable of interacting with users in both the sales and customer service remit,” he says.

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