image credit: Unsplash

JC Penney rings in holiday proposal season with AR ad driving virtual try-ons

November 22, 2019


J.C. Penney’s AR-powered effort is well-timed just ahead of the peak holiday shopping week. Nearly one-fifth of wedding proposals occur in December, according to data cited by the retailer, so positioning the mobile ad campaign around Thanksgiving could serve as a strategic runway into the month when a significant number of consumers are considering a ring purchase.

Virtual try-ons like J.C. Penney’s have drawn major attention in the past two years from established brands such as Aveda, Nike and Gucci. Their immersive functionality helps shoppers more accurately visualize items than when browsing a standard website, potentially driving foot traffic into stores for further product inspection and strengthening purchase confidence. Photo-saving capabilities encourage sharing with friends, family and in J.C. Penney’s case, significant others.

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