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Will circular commerce drive traffic to stores?

August 16, 2022

Via: RetailWire

Resale is enormously popular. In fact, secondhand apparel, according to thredUp, is expected to grow 16x faster than the market for new apparel by 2026. But these upward trends in resale are occurring across all retail categories. They aren’t exclusive […]

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Target launches new program for used apparel

April 12, 2022

Via: RetailWire

Target’s is selling used apparel through a new relationship with ThredUP. The retailer, as of late March, has its own page on ThredUP featuring a selection of used apparel curated by its team from the resale platform’s assortment, according to […]

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Rent the Runway becoming Resell the Runway

June 3, 2021

Via: RetailWire

Is Rent the Runway due for a company name change? The women’s clothing rental service says it is entering the resale business, putting it in competition with a growing list of companies chasing the opportunity behind the fastest growing segment […]

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70% of consumers would now shop secondhand as resale market set to hit $64bn by 2025

June 25, 2020

Via: Charged

The resale clothing market is set to more than double to $64 billion in the next five years as more shoppers are willing to buy second hand. Over two thirds (70 per cent) of consumers now say they are willing […]