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Why Brick-and-Mortar Retail Could See a Comeback in 2022

September 30, 2022

Via: Natalie Dunn

The COVID-19 pandemic undoubtedly changed the way people in the US and abroad live, work, and shop. While lockdowns and several other social distancing measures became an important part of the fight against the virus and the disease it spreads, […]

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10 Ways to Increase Conversions in Your Retail Store

August 5, 2022

Via: Lightspeed POS

Ever see people walk into your store, look at a few things and walk right back out without purchasing? Every time someone does that, you’re losing out on profit. The good news is that you can fix this by working […]

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How Much Does it Cost to Open a Retail Store in 2022

July 6, 2022

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Starting a retail store or boutique—and ensuring that it succeeds—is a major undertaking. One of the biggest factors is the cost. You’ll likely be turning to financing, loans and investment to start your business, so you’ll need to know how […]

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Google opens second retail store

May 17, 2022

Via: Retail Dive

Google wants its Brooklyn store to be a place where shoppers “kick back and relax” on its couches and try out its products. Heeding feedback from its Chelsea store customers, the company said it decided to also add support services, […]

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Meta to open its first retail store

April 26, 2022

Via: Retail Dive

The abstraction of the metaverse remains amorphous, but Meta hopes to promote technologies and demonstrate the metaverse’s potential with its store. “The Meta Store is going to help people make that connection to how our products can be the gateway […]

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Monetizing Data Assets is the Lifeline Retailers Need to Restore Growth

February 14, 2022

Via: Retail TouchPoints

These past years have seen an unprecedented number of retail store closures as retailers face mounting pressure from online competition, changing weather patterns, crazy supply chain disruptions, global frictions on trade, and now the uncertainty of long-lasting COVID-related shopping behaviors, […]

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Lego launches new experiential retail store

February 1, 2022

Via: Charged

Lego has opened a new experiential retail store in the Dubai Mall which will be operated by the Majid Al Futtaim retail group. The store includes the first Lego minifigure factory in the region and allows for consumers to design […]

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Build Resiliency, Agility, and Security Into Retail Store Networks

January 31, 2022

Via: RIS News

Secure internet is a must-have for every retail store’s in-house network today. It is critical to providing the resiliency and agility needed to support business operations, from communications and inventory to payments, plus the omnichannel shopping experience that customers expect. […]

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The Beginner’s Guide To Designing A Lucrative Retail Shop Floor Plan

November 11, 2021

Via: Lightspeed POS

Imagine you’re your customer for a moment. When you walk into the store what makes you first notice products? What makes you like browsing through the products when you pass a display, aisle or shelf rack? And what makes you […]

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The 7 Types of Retail Store Supplies You Need For Opening Day

October 21, 2021

Via: Lightspeed POS

It’s easy to think “product, product, product” when opening your first retail store, but there are a whole host of other must-have retail store supplies you’re going to need too. Whether they’re for customers, staff, or even for you as […]

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The Ultimate Guide to Renovating Your Retail Store

October 20, 2021

Via: Lightspeed POS

Renovating your retail store can be both exciting and rewarding. Your store’s exterior and interior design are a crucial part of your overall brand experience. While remodeling your store can be a big investment, the difference it makes for both […]

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From Booking to Tipping: 4 Best Practices for Adding Services to Your Retail Store

September 21, 2021

Via: Lightspeed POS

There’s no denying that retail has changed. The rise of online shopping has redefined the way customers interact with businesses. To keep up with how customers shop now, retailers need to evolve as well—and this post will show you how […]

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Omnichannel retail and the evolution of the retail store

June 21, 2021

Via: Retail Dive

The global pandemic shined a spotlight once again on the role of the retail store in the retail industry. The store is a vital component of omnichannel retail. Despite the rise in e-commerce, retailers still suffer dearly when physical sales […]

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How to Level Up Your Retail Store’s Customer Service 

October 14, 2020

Via: Lightspeed POS

Have you ever seen a customer walk away from your store or website after a bad experience? Besides offering great products, stellar customer service might be the difference between repeat, loyal customers and people walking out the door or leaving […]

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How to Increase Retail Sales – 10 Tips

October 22, 2019

Via: Lightspeed POS

Raise your hand if you’d like to improve your retail store’s sales. Whether you’re looking to build on the positive momentum or trying to fix a dip in sales, you’re in the right place. We reached out to retail experts […]

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Google Gears Up to Open First Retail Store

August 22, 2018

Via: Retail Info Systems News

To date, Google has only run pop-up shops and small shops inside other stores, but it looks like the company may be gearing up to enter the brick and mortar space in a big way. Google is reportedly planning a […]

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Customer Service In Your Retail Store – 3 Stories To Get You From Cringing To Caring

June 12, 2017

Via: The Retail Doctor Blog

I have been a loyal Nordstrom shopper for decades. It was the pinnacle of cache to buy from Nordstrom. Exclusive. Quality. Service. For many years one salesman at their Cypress store helped me pick out my on-camera wardrobe. Once I […]

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The Changing Role of the Retail Store

May 19, 2017

Via: Independent Retailer

It’s no secret that traditional retail companies are battling extreme competition from online retailers. Customers go into a brick-and-mortar store and immediately pull out their phones to compare products and pricing. To fight this trend, such stores can provide an […]