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Is transactional data the key to understanding retail customer behavior?

November 9, 2022

Via: RetailWire

Presented here for discussion is a summary of a current article published with permission from [email protected], the online research and business analysis journal of the Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania. “The Customer-Base Audit,” co-authored by Wharton marketing professor […]

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Are backorders costing retailers sales and profits?

October 26, 2022

Via: RetailWire

Nothing beats having an item in stock. New research shows that brick and mortar retailers that need to backorder items to meet customer demand are losing out in the longer run. Researchers from Northwestern and Tulane universities reviewed thousands of […]

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Strategies for Retailers to Weather the Storm this Hurricane Season

August 10, 2022

Via: Retail TouchPoints

Hurricane Season 2022 is underway, and with it comes the looming threat of outages and downtime for retailers. Forecasters are projecting an above-average storm season for the sixth consecutive year, with the first tropical storms forming and Hurricane Agatha already […]

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Will Deliverr help Shopify better compete with Amazon?

May 26, 2022

Via: RetailWire

Shopify is often seen as an alternative for independent sellers frustrated with Fulfillment by Amazon’s changing inventory rules and increasing seller costs. Will acquiring Deliverr help close the gap on fast fulfillment? Deliverr’s technology integrates third-party sellers with major e-commerce […]

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How Kroger Strengthened Customer Loyalty by Sharing its ‘Passion’ for Sustainability

April 7, 2022

Via: Retail TouchPoints

Many factors go into customer loyalty, from the most basic (offering quality products that shoppers want) to more emotionally driven considerations. But just because these reasons are less tangible than a retailer’s product assortment, it doesn’t make them less important. […]

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When should a retailer work with Amazon Web Services?

April 5, 2022

Via: RetailWire

In February it was announced that Best Buy chose Amazon Web Services (AWS) as its preferred Cloud technology partner. This would not be so newsworthy If not for the many retailers either shunning AWS or keeping investments in the cloud […]

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NextGen Supply Chain Virtual Conference Brings Together Industry Leaders

November 9, 2021

Via: SCMR Editorial

On November 2-4, 2021, the NextGen Supply Chain Conference, presented by Supply Chain Management Review, brought together an impressive lineup of more than 400 industry leaders for three days of interactive presentations and case studies that covered state-of-the-art innovation and […]

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Gap expands tech investments with deal for AI retail analytics startup

October 7, 2021

Via: RetailWire

Gap Inc. has acquired Context-Based 4 Casting Ltd. (CB4), a New York and Tel Aviv-based start-up that uses artificial intelligence and machine learning technologies to improve the customer experience and drive sales through predictive analytics and demand sensing. “We believe […]

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Retailers don’t have to choose between profitability and customer satisfaction

September 17, 2021

Via: RetailWire

At the height of the COVID pandemic, retail profitability took a back seat to meeting customer demand by whatever means necessary. Retailers had to quickly expand omnichannel operations, often without concern for efficiency, to meet the simple goal of getting […]

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Are retailers set up to scale the value of AI investments?

December 29, 2020

Via: RetailWire

According to McKinsey, the retail industry has the potential to create $1.7 trillion of value, or 12.39 percent of total sales, from artificial intelligence. How much value do you think AI creates for a retail business? Before answering such a […]

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Grocers are primed to compete with Amazon’s free grocery delivery

September 22, 2020

Via: RetailWire

In October 2019, months before the coronavirus crisis hit, made a strategic decision to offer free grocery delivery to those in the U.S. with a Prime subscription. This step was another sign that Amazon was actively working to establish […]

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How should grocers prepare for a possible pandemic stockpiling redux?

August 25, 2020

Via: RetailWire

New research by Acosta suggests 53 percent of shoppers plan to stock up on groceries if another pandemic shutdown occurs. “As COVID cases continue to rise, most shoppers believe we’re headed for another shutdown and plan to respond accordingly, so […]

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Reimagining Retail Stores In A Post COVID-19 World

August 6, 2020

Via: Retail TouchPoints

As COVID-19 continues to loom over the globe, retailers are now also assessing guidelines and developing plans to adapt their store experiences to the changing times. But since e-Commerce offered more personalized experiences, this was something retailers had struggled with […]


COVID-19 exposes retail’s supply chain shortcomings

June 15, 2020

Via: RetailWire

A new study finds future investments in flexibility, visibility and automation will be necessary to adapt to crises similar to the coronavirus pandemic. The study from the University of Warwick and supply chain software provider Blue Yonder, based on insights […]

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Is the future of retailing going dark?

June 3, 2020

Via: RetailWire

As we move into a new phase of the coronavirus crisis, it’s clear that delivery, click and collect/BOPIS and curbside pickup are here to stay. These options were slowly picking up speed already, but recent events have given them an […]

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Will old-time retailing skills fix the supply chain mess created by COVID-19?

April 8, 2020

Via: RetailWire

Once retailers restart their businesses following the COVID-19 outbreak, they will be faced with challenges for which old skills may provide faster answers than highly automated and mathematically intense solutions. The outbreak has created a series of anomalies within the […]


Why The Supply Chain Deserves To Take Priority In Retail’s Digital Transformation

August 15, 2019

Via: Retail Info Systems News

Worldwide spending on retail technology will increase by 3.6% to $203.6 billion in 2019, according to Gartner. However, many of the retail technologies getting developed seem to be customer-facing. Could it be that technologies that enhance essential ‘behind-the-scenes’ areas like […]

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How BJ’s Will Use Predictive Analytics to Make Buying Decisions

August 22, 2017

Via: Retail Info Systems News

BJ’s Wholesale Club will use predictive analytics and machine learning to assist with buying decisions. The operator of membership warehouse clubs will begin using First Insight’s predictive analytics. The tools will help BJ’s make design and buying decisions on the […]

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Can Big Data and Predictive Analytics Rescue the Retail Industry?

June 27, 2017

Via: The Retail TouchPoints Blog

Recent news about closures of brick-and-mortar stores paints a gloomy picture for the retail industry, with retailers seemingly having no hope for recovery in the face of the e-Commerce giants. Some media outlets are even predicting another big short in […]