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Will Starbucks really be able to trash its paper cups?

March 18, 2022

Via: RetailWire

If Starbucks makes good on its most recent environmentally-minded endeavor, by 2025 you may not see nearly as many of the chain’s paper cups in the hands of coffee drinkers. Michael Kobori, chief sustainability officer at Starbucks, called eliminating the […]

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Retailers need to prove their sustainability cred to grow sales

January 27, 2022

Via: RetailWire

Through a special arrangement, presented here for discussion is a summary of a current article from the blog of Oliver Guy, Senior Director, Industry Solutions, Software AG. Retailers in 2022 will need to prove their sustainability commitments and establish their […]

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Will new curbside-recyclable insulated packaging give Amazon a sustainable grocery edge?

November 17, 2021

Via: RetailWire is launching new curbside-recyclable insulated packaging that the company says does away with the need to use bubble bags or plastic liners. Stephenie Landry, vice president, Amazon Grocery, writing on the company’s blog, claims that the new packaging will […]

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Is America’s food supply chain nearing its breaking point?

April 20, 2020

Via: RetailWire

The massive strain placed on the nation’s grocery supply chain as a result of the coronavirus pandemic may be revealing some shortcomings in the system. The challenges include: Escalating demand at food retail: The shortages at retail of staples such […]

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Walmart unveils plan to reduce plastic packaging waste

February 27, 2019

Via: Retail Dive

When Walmart makes decisions, other retailers pay attention. The company’s latest push into sustainability may mark a turning point in how large businesses push for supply chain reform when it comes to packaging and plastics. It’s not the corporation’s first […]

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The art and value of packaging design

January 5, 2018

Via: Olivia Foster

Packaging is part of marketing. It is also the visual welcome mat that the eyes of potential customers tread on when coming in contact with the product. Although part of the plethora of crucial elements that define merchandise, packaging design […]

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4 Questions To Help You Identify If It’s Time For A Rebrand For Your Business

July 1, 2016

Via: Retail Minded

Oh boy, a rebrand. When you’re as invested in your business as we are, it can be tempting to keep tinkering – but don’t be fooled, a full rebrand is an arduous undertaking. You want it to be beautifully and […]

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4 Reasons Why Product Packaging Is Important

March 8, 2016

Via: Retail Minded

Packaging is just packaging, right? After all, it’s the product that really matters. If you’re thinking this way as a business owner, you might be setting yourself up for failure. Product packaging plays a more important role in consumer decisions […]