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The End of D2C as we Know it: Enter Direct-to-Retail

August 25, 2023

Via: Retail TouchPoints

Every few decades, retail brands discover a new way to connect with consumers. The early 2000s saw the beginning of an online media push that brought standardized content from one brand to many consumers. Mobile-targeted direct-to-consumer brands (D2C) brands reigned […]

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4 Tips for Retail Businesses Hungry for Venture Capital Funding

May 1, 2023

Via: Retail TouchPoints

Following a year of significant pull-back in 2022, venture capital (VC) and growth investors in private companies are continuing to be cautious with their money — a potentially long-term trend that’s impacting the growth trajectories of both emerging and high-growth […]

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The coming retail renaissance

May 3, 2021

Via: Retail Dive

The retail apocalypse has left retailers scrambling, for years, to innovate forward. No amount of sales, next-gen tech, or masks and sanitizer is going to suddenly make traditional in-store and shopping mall experiences shine like they once did. Something new […]