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The Power of Post-Purchase in Building Customer Loyalty

September 5, 2023

Via: RetailWire

Post-purchase experience. An often forgotten part of the shopping journey and ripe for building loyalty and customer lifetime value. Why do retailers frequently leave this critical phase out? It’s easy to skip over. The customer has already paid for their […]

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Becoming a Part of Our Customers’ Relationships

June 30, 2023

Via: Retail TouchPoints

We are a company all about relationships because that’s what our customers are celebrating when they buy from us — all the relationships in their lives. We celebrate relationships throughout the year — birthdays, anniversaries, new babies, graduations, weddings, bar […]


Supply Chain Automation: Key Benefits

June 22, 2022

Via: Natalie Dunn

Global supply chains have been severely disrupted by challenges related to the COVID-19 pandemic—including delays and port congestion—and as the global healthcare crisis started to wane, new issues (like Russia’s invasion of Ukraine) increased the pressure on retailers around the […]

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Wine Access Reveals Their Secrets for Success

March 29, 2022

Via: Independent Retailer

Managing customer personalization and developing a strong connection is key for retailer growth in 2022. Wine Access, a leading direct-to-consumer online wine retailer, saw a sharp increase in demand and achieved double digit growth in 2020 when many businesses were […]

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4 reasons customers leave – and how to keep them with you

February 14, 2020

Via: Customer Experience News & Trends

What’s worse than losing customers? Not knowing why they left. If only you knew there were problems earlier – or knew exactly when they stopped doing business with your company – you could probably reverse course. Right the wrong. Make […]

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Retail Industry Trends: What’s New for Spring 2019?

April 25, 2019

Via: Lightspeed POS

Spring has finally sprung. While a move towards warmer weather and thoughts of summer holidays benefits many a brand, there are also bigger retail trends in play this season. These aren’t born overnight; sometimes one trend sparks another or naturally […]