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How DTC brands can stand apart with high-value content and educational offerings

July 10, 2023

Via: Retail Dive

It’s no secret that consumers are inundated with information whenever they venture online. Social media platforms, blog posts, email blasts and a seemingly endless universe of apps serve up more content than humans can possibly take in. So where does […]

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Why You Need a Content Supply Chain

November 7, 2022

Via: Retail TouchPoints

In today’s social media-driven economy, the word content has never held more weight and currency. Consumers can’t get enough — the average digital content consumption is now six hours and 59 minutes per day, and that number is only going […]

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How to Sell on Instagram with Shopping Tags

September 13, 2022

Via: Lightspeed

As a business owner, you know the importance of using social media to promote your products or services. Instagram is the perfect place for that—being a visual platform, it makes it easy to showcase your products and services. To step […]

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Personalization Meets Peer Influence: Top Visual Content Trends in Ecommerce

September 21, 2021

Via: Retail TouchPoints

For decades, retailers have focused on creating immersive experiences, understanding the importance of using multiple senses to attract and engage consumers in physical retail settings. Delivering these immersive experiences in online ecommerce environments requires similar thinking as well as appealing […]

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6 ways to optimise your eCommerce product pages for higher conversions

February 7, 2018

Via: Lightspeed POS

When potential shoppers land on a product page, the hope is they click the call-to-action button and add the product to their shopping carts. Unfortunately, this is not always the case. In fact, 84% of website visitors abandon a site […]

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Do Retailers Need An App In 2017?

February 27, 2017

Via: The Retail TouchPoints Blog

The numbers will give you pause. In the retail industry, 60% of apps are used less than 10 times and the abandonment rate exceeds that of health care (55%), media and entertainment (54%) and financial services (54%). At the same […]

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Content for SMBs – how to scale and adapt

September 20, 2016

Via: Olivia Foster

Tailoring content for SMBs has its own particularities, in terms of planning, strategy, size and delivery methods. Regardless whether the digital marketing team is on-premises or if the company hires the services of an independent marketer, an initial plan should […]

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How Will Retail Brands Share Their Instagram Stories?

August 11, 2016

Via: The Retail TouchPoints Blog

Last week, Instagram introduced Instagram Stories, a new feature that allows all users to take photos and videos that are only accessible for 24 hours. All Stories content will disappear from user feeds and grids after a day. The new […]

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Four Marketing Technology Initiatives Retail Pros Must Embrace

March 8, 2016

Via: The Retail TouchPoints Blog

On-site personalization is poised to gain significant traction in 2016. In fact, 94% of marketers and 90% of agencies agree that “personalization of the web experience is critical to current and future success.” And yet three quarters of marketers reported […]

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How Saddington Baynes Measures Emotional Response to Create More Effective Ad Imagery

March 3, 2016

Via: Line//Shape//Space

For years, advertising creatives have relied on their instincts to make decisions when producing campaign content, whether it’s making a font size bigger, moving an image from left to right, or choosing vendors to realize their ideas. Those decisions are […]