Amazon Go is attracting return shoppers, long visits

October 31, 2018

From the opening of its first Amazon Go store in January 2018 to the opening of its most recent stores in San Francisco and Chicago, Amazon has kept quiet on the stores’ shopping data. InMarket’s study at least provides a snapshot of the daily comings and goings of Amazon Go shoppers and store operations, derived from location-based data points.

The firm’s research suggests a high percentage of return shopping visits and the average dwell time of shoppers. Both these numbers could still trend upward, too, if the number of first-time visitors that have ducked in just for a few minutes to check out the store with a loose plan to come back later for a longer shopping trip is considered. (Alternately, those numbers could go down, too, if the stores’ convenience proposition and offering can’t keep shoppers out of competitors’ stores.

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