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Why Millennials Shop On Social Media But Also Like To Shop In Stores

January 21, 2020

Via: Forbes

According to a new report, the consumer millennials (18 – 34-year-old) are notably impacted by internet influencers and people they follow sites such as Instagram and Facebook. Their daily use of Facebook is 77%, compared to 68% usage by the 35 to 54-year-old and 52% of the 55+ age group. However, their daily influence on purchasing behavior of Instagram is substantially higher. The daily usage by the 18 – 34-year-old is 72%, 41% by the 35 – 54-year-old and only 9% by the 55+ age group. YouTube use compared to Instagram is more by older age groups. Less popular sites such as Twitter, Snapchat, Reddit, Pinterest and TikTok (in decreasing order of use) are also listed with similar patterns of use.

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