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Armani shoppers can now access entire range digitally instore amid YNAP tie-up

July 23, 2020

Via: Charged

Armani and Yoox Net-a-Porter have launched a new joint initiative which will allow customers in physical Armani stores to shop its entire collection digitally. The new ‘Next Era’ project will see Armani’s physical stores integrate YNAP’s digital platform and global […]

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Your Plan A for Gen Z: How Retailers Should Tackle the Next Generation

April 21, 2020

Via: Independent Retailer

Generation Z has been described as many things — avid gamers, Snapchat aficionados and tech addicts. Born roughly between 1995 and 2010, this cohort, also known as centennials or post-millennials, has emerged on the retail scene as a force to […]

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In-store mobile tech draws repeat shoppers, study finds

January 14, 2020

Via: Retail Dive

Soti’s research indicates that shoppers have a favorable attitude toward in-store mobile technology, although that sentiment doesn’t quite extend to mobile payment apps like Apple Pay. Shoppers are looking for convenience above all else, making them highly likely to favor […]

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In-store automation provides major competitive advantage for retailers

January 10, 2020

Via: Charged

In-store automation has become a major competitive advantage for retailers promising to attract online shoppers back to the high street. Nearly 60 per cent of customers say they would shift their purchases to a retail store utilising in-store automation over […]

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Puma’s AR web app promotes new NYC flagship store

September 9, 2019

Via: Retail Dive

Flagship stores like Puma’s newest location in Manhattan help to set the tone for a brand and can become key destinations for shoppers, especially tourists looking for merchandise they can’t find online. To appeal to tech-savvy young adults who often […]

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Puma opens flagship store with sports, product tech

August 30, 2019

Via: Retail Dive

More than a year after Kering’s board of directors voted to shed Puma to focus on its luxury sales, the activewear brand continues to grow through its investments in technology and celebrity partnerships. In the past year or so, the […]

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Target bets on in-store fulfillment

August 9, 2019

Via: Retail Dive

Retailers are figuring out how to leverage physical stores in the new e-commerce economy and fulfillment has been part of that process. Target is one such retailer, but research suggests the model may not be right for everyone. Target handled […]

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Shopper Tracking: Reinventing and Reimagining the Store Experience

May 31, 2019

Via: Retail Info Systems News

Savvy retailers are leaving no stone unturned in their quest to better understand their customers so they can reinvent their approach to retail in an omnichannel world. One rich trove of new data is coming from a previously data-dark place: […]

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Study: Shoppers turn to phones instead of store associates

May 3, 2019

Via: Retail Dive

RetailMeNot’s findings highlight the power of mobile devices for retailers beyond straightforward e-commerce. ”The mobile device is the number one in-store shopping companion, which is a marketing opportunity for retailers to drive in-store footfall, incentivize sales and understand online-to-offline behavior,” […]

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Macy’s expands AR beauty try-ons to all app users

March 5, 2019

Via: Retail Dive

Macy’s updates to its mobile app are geared to appeal to shoppers when they’re on the go or visiting its department stores. At the Shoptalk conference this week in Las Vegas, Jill Ramsey, chief digital officer at Macy’s, said two-thirds […]