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Retailers turn advanced face recognition solutions into business value

September 27, 2018

Via: Natalie Dunn

Once the preserve of security services in airports, casinos or law enforcement agencies, state-of-the-art facial recognition solutions are now providing important use cases for the retail industry. By tracking customers, malls and retailers not only prevent losses from theft but […]


Is e-commerce killing physical retail?

August 23, 2018

Via: James Hughes

Hundreds of brick and mortars seem to have been put to bed as e-commerce sites take over the consumer shopping industry. With physical shops and malls increasingly becoming a thing of the past, it seems that some retailers will surrender […]


Technological innovations in smart warehousing

July 20, 2018

Via: Michael Boyd

As the economy picks up, retail sales grow, and more customers require fast home delivery, warehouses face more demand. The rise of e-commerce and faster delivery times are pressuring logistics companies to get orders out the door as quickly as […]


Wearable Tech Is [Still] the Next Big Thing in Retail

June 20, 2018

Via: James Hughes

Innovators are coming up with various new ways to pay for things, helping us simplify our lives in the process. After years of credit card reign, wearable payment devices are the next big thing. From smartwatches, fitness trackers and wristbands […]


Why retailers turn to big data and AI

May 29, 2018

Via: Kelly Redmond

Swedish clothing-retail company Hennes & Mauritz AB (H&M) is increasing its use of big data and artificial intelligence in an effort to reclaim its customers, after experiencing one of the worst sales slumps in its 71-year history. The retailer said […]


How Automation and AI Influence the Retail Market

April 22, 2018

Via: Olivia Foster

Artificial intelligence (AI) is already used on a large scale in retail, and big companies are experimenting with developing new ways to use it in the entire product and service cycle, from the moment a product is developed and created […]

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Blogging attracting leads – see how it works

March 2, 2018

Via: Olivia Foster

Nowadays it is not unusual for many businesses to show their online presence via one or more blogs, in addition to the usual social media accounts. Regardless of whether the on-premises designated employees or third parties administer the representative blog, […]

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Semantic SEO brought on faster and better results. Or did it?

February 25, 2018

Via: Olivia Foster

Smart SEO reflects all the modern algorithms involved in delivering the most suited search results. As intelligent software increases its capabilities, these backstage software becomes more and more nuanced, more human-like. Machine learning empowers artificial intelligence and increases the quality […]

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The art and value of packaging design

January 5, 2018

Via: Olivia Foster

Packaging is part of marketing. It is also the visual welcome mat that the eyes of potential customers tread on when coming in contact with the product. Although part of the plethora of crucial elements that define merchandise, packaging design […]

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How do SMBs prepare for the demand of in-store tech?

November 14, 2017

Via: Olivia Foster

An InReality store-analytics and customer experience report shows that by 2016 the customers have been transformed by their online shopping experiences to such a degree that they demand similar brick-and-mortar store directions, as they would receive in a digital environment.This […]