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Zara to offer mobile AR experience in stores

March 16, 2018

Via: Retail Dive

This sounds like a potentially intriguing use of augmented reality technology to bridge the mobile and in-store shopping experiences. Though some retailers have used AR and virtual reality in-store to enhance the sales process and customer experience, most of the […]

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Shopping is going mobile, in-store and out

March 13, 2018

Via: Retail Dive

The evidence that consumers are shopping via mobile and using their mobile phones in-store has been piling up for a while now. It may also hint that retailers are not doing as much as they can to effectively connect with […]

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At Home Depot in-store innovation is a new kind of project

February 8, 2018

Via: Retail Dive

MIAMI — “Retail isn’t dead, mediocre retail is dead,” has been the resounding sentiment at Future Stores Miami, where store operations and retail executives convened to learn about what innovations are driving stores in this new era of retailing. It’s […]

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New Research Indicates Retailers Deploying In-Store Mobile Successfully Are Seeing Upwards of 146% Sales Growth

January 8, 2018

Via: Business Wire

NORCROSS, Ga.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Stratix, a leading enterprise managed mobile services provider, recently partnered with IHL Group, a global research and advisory firm serving the retail industry, on IHL’s latest in-depth research surveying some of the country’s biggest retailers on transformations in […]

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5 Retail Email Marketing Tips for Collaborating Between Your Digital and In-Store Experiences

January 4, 2018

Via: Independent Retailer

As a retailer, you’ll want to maximize your opportunities in both online and offline retail worlds, keeping shoppers happy and spending their money in your store. Here’s how you can use retail email marketing to do just that. Building Your […]

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2018 Top Women in Retail Tech

January 2, 2018

Via: Retail Info Systems News

Retail needs a cast of superheroes now more than ever. Luckily, tech-savvy women are on the case, helping to reshape retail in the age of customer centricity. For the second year in a row, RIS is kicking off the New […]

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Will Walmart woo holiday procrastinators with in-store pickup?

December 20, 2017

Via: Retail Dive

With Christmas just days away, it’s a toss up whether online orders will be delivered in time. But with more consumers browsing and buying from the comfort of their smartphone or desktop — and a significant number of last-minute sales […]

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5 in-store technologies that will save the American mall

December 13, 2017

Via: Retail Dive

It’s an understatement to say that American malls are having a hard time. In the next five years, 20-25% of American malls are set to close, according to Credit Suisse. Why have Americans deserted the nation’s most iconic retail fixtures? […]

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Most Americans plan to shop on Black Friday

November 10, 2017

Via: Chain Store Age

Black Friday hasn’t lost its clout. More than three-quarters (70%) of Americans plan to shop on Black Friday, according to a survey from Ebates. Additionally, almost half (44%) plan to camp out to get the best deals on laptops (22%), […]

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Amazon turns to Apple for AR shopping app

November 2, 2017

Via: Retail Dive

It took Amazon a few extra weeks to join the AR app crowd, but that may have been for promotional reasons, as the new feature was announced as part of a larger holiday shopping season announcement (because it just isn’t […]