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BJ’s Wholesale Club readies to go public with IPO filing

May 18, 2018

Via: Retail Dive

Leonard Green and CVC Capital acquired BJ’s Wholesale Club in 2011, took it private and have paid investors dividends several times since. As a practical matter, unloading BJ’s one way or another makes sense for them — most often private […]

Retail Trends

Walmart e-commerce growth rebounds

May 17, 2018

Via: Retail Dive

After last quarter’s lackluster e-commerce growth, analysts began to wonder if Walmart e-commerce chief Marc Lore was losing his touch, or even if he might leave the company (a notion he has publicly shot down multiple times). In the first […]

Retail Trends

JP Morgan: Amazon will catch up to Walmart in 2-3 years

May 16, 2018

Via: Retail Dive

Amazon looms large as the biggest disrupter of retail in the last two decades, but that doesn’t mean it’s guaranteed to catch up to Walmart. The problem is that what is being calculated as retail sales by many analysts really […]

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Stores Are Gateways to Innovation and Digital Transformation

May 14, 2018

Via: Retail Info Systems News

As the spirit of reinvention sweeps across the retail landscape, stores have emerged as proving grounds for technologies that blend the digital and brick-and-mortar worlds. Inspired by consumer expectations and competitive pressure, stores have evolved into gateways of innovation and […]

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Retail Roundup — Amazon debuts smart homes; Costco’s e-commerce jumps 43%

May 11, 2018

Via: FierceRetail

Amazon debuts model smart homes Amazon has set up a model smart homes around the U.S. for consumers to experience how the company’s technology products work. Amazon has partnered with Lennar Corp. to convert some of the home construction company’s […]

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Has Nike hit peak crisis yet?

May 9, 2018

Via: Retail Dive

At what point does an exodus earn that label? Is it when the first man leaves and there’s the hint of more to come, or by virtue of its definition does it require a certain number? Generally speaking, an exodus […]

Retail Trends

Amazon reportedly could grab 10% of retail sales by 2020

May 8, 2018

Via: Retail Dive

By several measures, Amazon is a juggernaut, with 100 million Prime members locked in globally and net sales that in the first quarter rose 43% to $51 billion. But that doesn’t mean that the e-commerce giant is unstoppable, especially when […]

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Frictionless payment, 2018 style: It’s all about social

May 7, 2018

Via: Retail Dive

In today’s world, a sustainable payment infrastructure is a frictionless one. In Mobile Commerce 1.0, that meant consumers could make purchases on their phones anytime; now we’re well into Mobile Commerce 2.0 – in which we can pay for real-world […]

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How Gen Z is driving a cultural shift in retail branding

May 2, 2018

Via: Retail Dive

Earlier this year, protests erupted at H&M stores in South Africa and fury spread globally on social media after a young black boy modeling a children’s sweatshirt printed with the phrase “coolest monkey in the jungle” appeared on the brand’s […]

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Amazon to hire thousands of tech workers

May 1, 2018

Via: Retail Dive

Amazon’s growth is nothing short of breathtaking. Although the company recently reported the layoffs of “several hundreds” of corporate employees, its growth in technology workers alone will soon be in the several thousands. This follows — or perhaps the word […]